Friday, January 29, 2010

Got a new scale and I'm actually happy about it.

I think the only thing worse than not losing weight is a scale that is so inconsistent you have NO idea what the heck is going on.  This one will measure body fat as well as water and that is so awesome.  Takes the guess work out of am I bloated? blah blah.

**update** NO I'm not telling how much I weighed but I am so happy to know I'm not OBESE (worst word ever) and I have more muscle than average like I thought.  Yay!   Imagine a scale making me feel better.

No new news.  I just realized NEWS came from the word NEW...omg duh lol.  Wow you learn something new every year (If it were day I'd have known that by now).

Photo for today....
E the little technology whiz (her daddy is so proud) and J her prodigy.  I wish I could take pictures in low light that weren't so grainy.  Any tips are welcome.


* Leslie loves veggies has a fantastic giveaway from LuShae Jewelry.  Winner gets to choose ANY item from their website !  I had a look around and I would die to win something from there. It's all very elegant.  Open world wide and ends on Valentine's day. how appropriate <3

* Baby Goodbuys always has huge giveaways and great money saving posts.  They're giving away a Britax Advocate Car Seat!  Value $369.99!  A good car seat is SO important and Britax is an excellent brand.


Julie said...

Those two little ones are so sweet. I love them so much and feel so fortunate to be an aunt to cuties like them! I can't believe how easily she can navigate YouTube...better get the internet locked down before she turns 4. lol

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