Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 14 How is it possible to wake up with a headache like this?

Weight to lose: 11.5lbs
Total for last week: -2lbs

Exercise: *headache went away* did 30 mins treadmill intervals

I'm sitting here waiting for my Advil cold and sinus and some tea to hopefully kick in and get rid of this strange one sided sinus headache.  I would exercise anyhow if it weren't so bad but this sucks.

Anyhow,  I weighed myself. Down 2 lbs!  YES!  I can feel it. It's likely more than that though I can feel it on my body and I was down to this weight before I started this diet and I didn't feel myself get bigger.  So that makes me feel even better.  There's no way I'm not putting on muscle with the strength training I'm doing and running.  I'm pretty much built for muscle long before weight loss. At this rate I'll be at my first goal by the end of Feb.

I also had three cheat meals so I'm pretty happy about that.  I'd rather exercise 5 days a week and partly diet than diet alone. I love food.  I look forward to a meal with the Hubbs when the kids are in bed.  I am very emotionally attached to that meal. It's like our reward for making it lol.

MUCH better night,  J slept through the night without his swaddle!  We practiced with him for naps and then at night he struggled a bit but with some comforting and rubbing his back (boys are so much more touchy feely it's cute)  he fell asleep and stayed asleep til 10am!  Finally a real bedtime for him and time for Mommy and Daddy with no kids yay!


Today is the last day for the two of the Momstart draws I'm really hoping to win. The Perricone cream and Bumbleride Stroller.  I really like that blog. I feel like she's real/honest  and I can relate.  Oh and wicked giveaways.  Yes I still say wicked haha.  Cross all your crossables for me.

* Piece of ME is givingaway a Mayfair gift pack valued at $75!  They have super cute notepads and list pads and magnets.  


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