Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy day

Today was a good paced day. It feels good to get things accomplished how I'd hoped and not feel rushed and barely get done.  Seems like things were busy but followed the schedule.

Battle of the bulge...
so weekly results are weight lost 4lbs.  That makes the weight to lose 11.5lbs.  But it seems to be picking up speed. I got my calories figured out with and I have a really good idea where things are at.  My body fat went down 1% woo hoo!  I am only .5% from being in the 'healthy' category.  I think gettting under 151 (which is the lowest I've been since being pregnant) and getting below or at the healthy weight mark is going to mean A LOT.  I'm actually feeling pretty good today.  I did the shred and 20 mins of walking.  Seeing my calories actually makes me want to exercise.  You get to eat more and then it seems worth it.  Otherwise I'd be eating so little it would really suck.  That's the only part that sucks as your weight gets lower your calories drop.  Boooo.

So I had my workout, and we had someone come by for an estimate on some of our $$$$  and then I had some bows to make from Etsy orders in my bow shop Cushy Tushy Designs.  

Today's photo.  Compliments of E, photo essay of a two year old. These photos are within a minute span.  I can never get her to stay still so I take them quick and weed them out later.

Mommy says... E smile....

E:  No!  Me:  Here unzip your hoodie a bit.  E:  No Mommy don't touch.

Me:  E come over here by the window so I can take a better picture.  E: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  *insert total melt down here*

Me:  Nap time!

An all to familiar exchange with a two year old, lol.   I wouldn't change it for a thing. I love her personality even when she drives me up a wall some days.  As a matter of fact at one point today I said....You are TOO much like me!  Not that I'm not wonderful ;) I just can't deal with myself.  That's why I married my opposite lol.   I think I'm lucky ;)


I am super stoked to be the lucky winner of the purse at penny pinching Mama.  I'm in a pretty good mood to say the least.  :D


Julie said...

Those pictures are hilarious!! CONGRATULATIONS on your huge weight loss accomplishment and your progress with the calorie counting. I am SO PROUD of you!!!! Way to go! :) B and I went to look into personal training today, but it's way too expensive. Back to the self-training, but I am feeling that my jeans are fitting better. I've lost about 2 lbs. A little at a time, right? :)

Julie said...

P.S. Uggs came today...not sure how I feel. Annoyed perhaps? Let's get together this weekend so I can show you and possibly vent.

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