Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 14 This n' that...the usual

Weight lost:  ?
Exercise: Day off

Day off today. Good thing too since Hubbs and I were up lots last night with our youngest.  We swaddled him up til now and he's getting used to sleeping with no swaddle.  I completely recommend swaddling! A few nights of adjustment now are fully worth months of no sleep.  Both my kids responded very well to it sleeping through the night almost immediately.

So no exercise and tomorrow I weigh myself. I'm kind of excited but I don't want to be let down either.  Here's hoping!

Spent most of the day just getting caught up and doing errands, groceries, putting laundry away, changing a TON of burned out light bulbs and  I went through my drawers...they were a mess of a mix of maternity clothes over sized clothes (yay!) and just ratty old things.  So I have a maternity pile and a donate pile.

Otherwise hanging out with my kids and it's been a good day.  Anyone with a two year old knows a good day is just a minimal amount of melt downs and time outs lol.  I had hoped the snow would be good enough for us to take her out and play but no such luck, we were going to take her swimming but we were way too tired.


Did my tweets...check em out if you're looking for some links to on going giveaways.. Twitter 

* Cool Canucks is giving away a Flirty Apron.  I have been coveting one of these since I first saw them on a blog not too long ago.  This might actually get me in the kitchen more!

Experimental Mommy is giving away an Oreck Halo germ killing vacuum.  It not only vacuums but it uses UV lights to kill bacteria at the same time.

*  Found another flirty apron giveaway on Piece of ME.  I'm new to this blog but I like what I see.  Love those aprons!  I never considered the red one before but it looks great on her.

* Pieces of ME is also giving away an adorable pair of shoes by Pedoodle.  They have the cutest little girl shoes.  My fave is the sugar plum so pretty.


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