Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 operation downsize and the usual giveaway news :D

Pounds to lose: 14
Exercise: None, my body begged me not too

So I was sore yesterday but I decided to work out anyhow. I figure that they do it on the biggest loser everyday it won't kill me. BUT today, ouchie, I'm taking a break. I'll still do four days or I'll make it up on Saturday. We'll see.  I feel good.  The scale still says the same as yesterday which is good.  I think the eating/dieting is going to help so I don't HAVE to exercise everyday.

Giveaways news aka my latest obsession: I am a WINNER.  I won a giveaway on The B keeps us honest blog for the Dorian faux black pearl cluster set I blogged about yesterday. I can't wait to receive them.  They look so beautiful. I 'll have to con my parents into babysitting so I can wear them out somewhere.

Today's entries:
* I entered a giveaway on Cool Canucks for Monave mineral make up.  I would love to try their bamboo honey facial polish or maybe some of their setting powders.

* I also entered a giveaway on My Wee View for Reliable of Milwaukee Muk Luks.  Anyone who knows me knows how I love my slippers.  These would be a fantastic addition to my collection :D  Check out the other giveaways on these blogs.

* I entered on Cool Canucks to win candles from Aunt Sadies Candles.  They have a large and unique selection including lots of holiday scents.  Who doesn't love candles.

*Also a Burt's Bees set worth $75. Canadians only .  From Organic Girl.  I've never actually tried Burt's bees products but I have no idea why. I hmm and haw about it every time I see them. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them this time.

*Also from Organic Girl I entered to win a sling from Bambini Bags.  I have used baby wraps before and they are really just the best thing if you have a baby that likes to be held and you want your hands free.  I have never tried this style of slip before but from my understanding it is useful from newborn to toddler ages!

*Mrs Smith Diaper bag.  Any Mom knows diaper bags are just an extension of purses.  One to match each outfit? Each kid? Different sizes? why not! This giveaway helps feed my addiction. From Organic Girl again. She has great giveaways if you hadn't noticed.

*Kina lambskin booties.  Shoes are awesome, baby shoes are even better! These are especially adorable keep babies feet warm without overheating.  From you guessed it...Organic Girl.

*I just discovered this blog recently... Wishing penny.  She's giving away a handbag from handbag heaven. They have a great selection of unique colours and styles.

*A daily dose of Toni is offering A superstar professional turbo ionic  hair dryer...that's a mouthful.  Must be good!  This looks like a sleek machine.  My old one is literally cracking up, the handle barely stays together.  I'm tired of buying cheap hairdryers just to be on the search for a new one that really does what it's supposed to do.

Wish me luck!


Julie said...

Oooh! BIG WIN!!!!! :)

My Wee View said...

thanks so much for blogging about this great giveaway!

Good luck and Happy blogging


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