Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 15.... Attack of the rubber arms

Weight: ?
Exercise:  30 day shred

My workout felt hard again...weird.  Might be because I upped my running yesterday so my muscles are weaker. It was mostly my legs giving out on me.  Now I have shaky rubber arms and fingers.  Its kinda tricky to type even.  All good things in the end.

Had an awesome night over at my best girls house to watch the Bachelor. It's just not the same watching it with the Hubbs.  It's nice to get out too.  Tonight is his turn, seems like more and more we have to split up to get out whether it's errands or personal time, guess that's how it goes when you have two little ones.

J had a bit of a rough night.  My Hubby is fricken awesome!! He got up with him all but once, even fed him a bottle.  He's napping now, I don't blame him.  Of course J is up and full of energy.  We'll get this nap schedule figured out yet.  I think  maybe he needs just one long nap.  We want him to go to bed at the latest 1000-1030 and last night it was more like midnight...ugh.  A work in progress.

Giveaway news to come...

* Lille Punkin Reviews is giving away a flip camera.  I would love to win this for my Dad.  He's such a hard worker he really deserves it!   Last day to enter this one but check out the other giveaways.

* Mint Green With Envy is giving away an adorable handmade dress.  It has the most vibrant lemon print perfect for spring or summer.

* A Mom's Balancing Act is giving away a Slanket.  One of those blankets with the arm holes. I have to admit I want one of these.  How many times have I tried to rig the blanket so I can get my hands free and keep it on me.

* Organic girl is giving away two heat wraps and two warm buddies. Four winners!  The warm buddies are great for the chilly winters so cozy.  I'd love to have one for my kids.

* Two of a kind working on a full house, is giving away a Summer infant secure surround play yard!  Wow would that be a life saver!  Gates are so necessary and SO expensive.

* Sweeps4bloggers is giving away a Flirty Apron.  I am dying to get my hands on one of these.  You have ot see them they're adorable and still sexy.  


Xenia said...

You're just reminding me that my Shred is still sitting (unopened) in the drawer where I originally put it...

Thanks for stopping by, good luck! :)

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