Friday, January 29, 2010

Got a new scale and I'm actually happy about it.

I think the only thing worse than not losing weight is a scale that is so inconsistent you have NO idea what the heck is going on.  This one will measure body fat as well as water and that is so awesome.  Takes the guess work out of am I bloated? blah blah.

**update** NO I'm not telling how much I weighed but I am so happy to know I'm not OBESE (worst word ever) and I have more muscle than average like I thought.  Yay!   Imagine a scale making me feel better.

No new news.  I just realized NEWS came from the word NEW...omg duh lol.  Wow you learn something new every year (If it were day I'd have known that by now).

Photo for today....
E the little technology whiz (her daddy is so proud) and J her prodigy.  I wish I could take pictures in low light that weren't so grainy.  Any tips are welcome.


* Leslie loves veggies has a fantastic giveaway from LuShae Jewelry.  Winner gets to choose ANY item from their website !  I had a look around and I would die to win something from there. It's all very elegant.  Open world wide and ends on Valentine's day. how appropriate <3

* Baby Goodbuys always has huge giveaways and great money saving posts.  They're giving away a Britax Advocate Car Seat!  Value $369.99!  A good car seat is SO important and Britax is an excellent brand.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday....I'm not counting the days anymore.

I'm trying to take the pressure off myself and make this more about my life and not just my workouts.  I read an interview with another blogger the other day and she mentioned her blog was like a journal for her kids to read and I thought that was a really sweet idea. I hadn't though about that.

I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing.  Seems like just yesterday she was just crawling and now she's stealing Daddy's itouch to look at her favourite cartoons on you tube.  I love this age.  Terrible twos yes, sometimes but the great parts are really great.  I want to steal every moment I can.  I adore my baby girl.

Is there anything better?


* Mint green with Envy is giving away  a jar of Perricone MD Concentrated Restorative treatment.  I've been dying to try the Perricone cream.  I haven't been able to bring myself to buy it with the price and I'd love to win it but I'm afraid I'll be hooked.  lol. I'm willing to take the chance. 

Aubut Life is giving away a $75 gift certificate for Zutano's new line Itzy Bitzy.  The clothes are for newborn to infant and they are adorable.  

* Natural baby goods is hosting a Zutano itzy baby giveaway. Their winter cozy blankets look so nice.  I'd love to win one for J. His room is so chilly and the blanket he has is too small.  I don't think he'd fit the infant clothes anymore anyhow.  Well I know he wouldn't, my chunky monkey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless wednesday- A card for Kayla

  This family's story broke my heart.  I cannot imagine the strength they have. Please if you have time read this post by Tammi of My Organized Chaos and send a card if you have a moment.

 E and I will be making a card to send off to Kayla tomorrow.


* Secret Suburb Society, a new blog I've come across is giving away a gorgeous Vera Bradley 'Morgan' bag. It's got vibrant colours and is the perfect size.  Open to entries world wide.  Ends Feb 28th.

* Aubut Life is giving away a $40 gift certificate to Chew Chew's Closet Etsy shop.  She is very talented and sews some of the most creative and adorable boutique quality clothing.  There is some great stuff in there I'd love to have for E and J.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 22 Toned down Tuesday

Weight to lose: 12lbs (my math is bad, it was 12 yesterday too)
Exercise:  30 day shred

Got to sleep in a bit today ahhhhh, of course I was up with J til 2am so really it wasn't a sleep in as much as getting 8 hours.

I feel kind of weak today.  Maybe it's because I haven't done the shred since last tuesday so almost a week.  I had to skip it on Thurs because of the Hubbs surgery.

My blog is so completely boring. I need to add some photos or something.  Heres one of J and I at Christmas.  I love that little guy <3.

Customs Vent:
I got one of my winnings in the mail today.  (It's wonderful. I am not unhappy with it in anyway or the blog I won it from. I want to be super clear about that)  What I'm peeved about is that I had to pay almost $10 in customs!  Something for Canadians to keep in mind when entering contests.  It may not be free in the end.  And how does that work?  If you didn't pay for it is there really a value per se?  I could refuse it but that's really my only option .  Giveaway bloggers if you happen to be reading this is it possible you could talk to your giveaway suppliers about how they label their goods for giveaways?  It should be labelled as a gift when it wasn't purchased.  I actually called Customs and they do not tax under $20 so labelling the value $20 or less would take care of the problem.  Gifts are only between relatives etc. 


* Two of a kind working on a full house is giving away a Zooper Bolero stroller!  ARV $300.  Wow. It's beautiful.  You really have to see it.  I would love to win this. So gorgeous.  I know it would get lots of use in my family.

* Two of a kind working on a full house has so many great giveaways.  They also have one for an Evenflo Generations 65 combination booster.  ARV $100!

* Two of a kind working on a full house is ALSO givingaway a Clarisonic Mia sonic cleansing system.  That's a mouth full.  I have recently become very aware of how much I neglected my skin over the last three years of babies and pregnancies and it's showing. I'd love to have this to help.

*Bizzie Mommy is giving away a Sealy posturepedic signature series 11 series mattress!  I could really use this mattress, ours sinks into the middle. I have no idea how old it even is.  With two very young kids and a lack of sleep we need the best sleep we can get when we get it!

* Like a warm cup of coffee is giving away a flirty apron.  I WILL have one of these, I need to be careful it's becoming an obsession lol.  They are just so dang cute.

* Kidglue is giving away a $25 Gap card.  This would come in sooo handy buying clothes for J.  He's already fitting 18 month clothes at 9 months and he's outgrowing before I can even buy lol!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 21 Rainy Monday

Weight to lose: 11 lbs
Exercise: 40 mins treadmill intervals

So I am down 2lbs from yesterday and that's .5 for the week.  I am going to just take it as "week 2" like on the biggest loser. There is always a week that stalls.  I'm pressing onward!  I think I've been gaining muscle too so even a pound of that will off set my 'weight loss'.  I've decided to have the Hubbs take photos of me so I can SEE the difference and not rely on the stupid scale so much.

So yesterday sucked.  It only got worse.  On the way to my parents house with the whole family in the car some Ahole turned left in front of me (in the rain!)  and I had to slam my brakes on and swerve to get around them then not to hit a light stand.  I couldn't have missed them by more than half a foot.  The Hubbs is still recovering from his surgery which is why I was driving and thank God!  It shook me up but I really feel like there was an angel on my shoulder.  I had already had the accident in my mind (that's how close we were) I was just trying to think of the 'best' way to hit them when I saw a tiny space I *might* fit through and I took it.  I've had lots of drivers training and I know that is partly to thank here.  Really I guess the day got could have happened but it didn't.  I am SO grateful.  **huge exhale*

When we got there all the family was there and we had a great night so the day did redeem itself.


Lots of great ones ending tonight on Mom's focus on cyber world  I hope to get an email tomorrow telling me I won something. It makes checking email in the morning exciting :D

* I entered a giveaway on Mom's focus on cyber world for Iron Man:  Armored adventures volume 2 .  Three readers will win!  My brother is a huge comic book nerd/lover :D   I tease him but it's really very sweet. He's just a big kid at heart sometimes and I think that's why my kids adore him.   I'd love to win this for him.

* Mom of Boys with Toys is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Eden's Fantasy ( warning it is for 18+).  They have super sexy lingerie I'd love to suprise the Hubbs with.

* Another new blog....  Pretty Pink Momma, is giving away a flirty apron.  I am dying to get my hands on one of these!  They are so cute! Check em out.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 20 It's my body and I'll cry if I want to!

Weight: -1.5!
Exercise: Debating

SOOO I broke my rule today. I have been feeling like I'm not losing so I stepped on the scale and voila.... I'm actually up.  WHAT?  I exercise intensely 5 times a week and I eat 1200-1300 calories (I'm not usually a calorie counter but I had to check just to be sure I wasn't off there).  What the heck? My body hates me, I'm sitting here with a pulled muscle in my back AGAIN (oh yeah and I'm the only lifter in the house) and totally feeling sorry for myself.  I don't get it.  I wish I could just stay in bed today.  BLAH, and that's the G version.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 19 Slow Saturday

Weight ?
Exercise: day off

I stayed up way too late with my girlfriend having a glass of wine.  I figured the kids would sleep in since neither of them went to be before 10pm.  BUT of course they were up right at 8am. tired!

Maybe that's why I'm feeling unusually bummed about my diet etc... I don't feel like I've lost any weight this week and I don't know what I'm going to do if I didn't lose.  I am working so hard and juggling mom duties to workout it's a major disappointment if I don't lose.  Cross your fingers for me or I might not get out of bed lol

I took measurements too in case I'm building muscle and it's showing that way.  I just want to see something!


* Leslie Loves Veggies is giving away a personalized stamps from Mommy pads and more.  These are really cute creative style not the old boring return label ones.

* Sweeps4bloggers is giving away a  hair care kit with two in one conditioning shampoo, styling spray and leave in conditioning spray value of $43.50 PER kit!  And there are {5} winners.  I like those odds.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 18 I knew I was spoiled but I think I was REALLY spoiled.

Exercise: treadmill intervals 40mins

So the Hubbs can't lift anything, even his own arm.  So that makes life with two young kids interesting.  He helps where he can but really there isn't much more than supervising and calling for me that he can do.  So I've been quite busy.  Normally we are pretty evenly split with kid duties or if anything he does more than me.  He's between jobs so we're both home all day.  I've been so spoiled.  With most of the kid duties and all of the baby duties I'm exhausted. 

J was up a few times last night to boot. I think it's his top teeth. They seem like they're about to break through.  But they've looked that way for a few days.  E was never like this, until her incisors anyhow.  Her teeth just showed up and that was that. It was really only from 18months on that it seemed to bother her.  I can only imagine how it will be with J then...I don't want to think about it.  I'm SO glad we're only having two. I'm tired!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 17...I'm tired already

Weight: ?
Exercise: day off

Today I took the Hubbs to the doctor, he had minor surgery.  It took much longer than we'd thought since the doctor was running super behind.  So now I'm on my own with the kiddos for at least a week probably two since he doesn't have mobility in his arm and can't lift or raise it.  I already need a nap lol.  Guess I have to be a responsible adult and go to bed before 2am lol.


* Organic Girl is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Cute as a Bug Boutique.  They have adorable blankets, tutus, knit hats and bibs.  My fave is the minky stroller blanket. I know J would love cuddling it to sleep.

* Cool Canucks is giving away a set of  Stratus Instant Skin Perfector, Lux Lip Conditioner, Siren Lip Stick, Aura Multi Use Blush, and a Mesemerize Eye Color Treatment from Vapour beauty.  To THREE winners.  I've had my eye on the skin perfector for a while.

* Cool canucks is ALSO giving away a set of make up including eyeshadow palette, bamboo brush and compact and more from everyday minerals to THREE winners!   I can always use a little glamour in my life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 16 blah

Weight to lose: ?
Exercise: treadmill intervals 40mins

So exercise etc as usual.  Feeling fat today.  I need to start measuring myself once a week.  I feel like the scale is betraying me.  My hormones are a mess and I'm beginning to get frustrated. 

E is getting sick.  Again... which means J may get sick and that's even worse.  I managed to escape it last time they all got sick including the Hubbs. I hope again I can.  Hubbs is having minor surgery tomorrow and will be down and out for a bit.  That's going to be a challenge.  His arm will be in a sling for a couple of weeks.  I'm just feeling kind of bummed and blah and a little anxious I guess.  I feel like just chilling on the couch.  

BUT   my best friend has some people at work who are sending supplies over to Haiti so instead I've been gathering clothing/shoes/toys/food/hygiene products/diapers etc... to send over.  I feel so much better about doing that donating them locally.  I still have my old 'skinny' clothes to go through. I have like three different wardrobes taking up space skinny/pregnant/after.  I'm happy to get rid of some, if not most of this stuff.

I'm bummed I didn't win any of the giveaways I really wanted to win but hey I guess that's not how it works.  I'm not angry just bummed.  I can hear E coughing upstairs....crappy.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 15.... Attack of the rubber arms

Weight: ?
Exercise:  30 day shred

My workout felt hard again...weird.  Might be because I upped my running yesterday so my muscles are weaker. It was mostly my legs giving out on me.  Now I have shaky rubber arms and fingers.  Its kinda tricky to type even.  All good things in the end.

Had an awesome night over at my best girls house to watch the Bachelor. It's just not the same watching it with the Hubbs.  It's nice to get out too.  Tonight is his turn, seems like more and more we have to split up to get out whether it's errands or personal time, guess that's how it goes when you have two little ones.

J had a bit of a rough night.  My Hubby is fricken awesome!! He got up with him all but once, even fed him a bottle.  He's napping now, I don't blame him.  Of course J is up and full of energy.  We'll get this nap schedule figured out yet.  I think  maybe he needs just one long nap.  We want him to go to bed at the latest 1000-1030 and last night it was more like midnight...ugh.  A work in progress.

Giveaway news to come...

* Lille Punkin Reviews is giving away a flip camera.  I would love to win this for my Dad.  He's such a hard worker he really deserves it!   Last day to enter this one but check out the other giveaways.

* Mint Green With Envy is giving away an adorable handmade dress.  It has the most vibrant lemon print perfect for spring or summer.

* A Mom's Balancing Act is giving away a Slanket.  One of those blankets with the arm holes. I have to admit I want one of these.  How many times have I tried to rig the blanket so I can get my hands free and keep it on me.

* Organic girl is giving away two heat wraps and two warm buddies. Four winners!  The warm buddies are great for the chilly winters so cozy.  I'd love to have one for my kids.

* Two of a kind working on a full house, is giving away a Summer infant secure surround play yard!  Wow would that be a life saver!  Gates are so necessary and SO expensive.

* Sweeps4bloggers is giving away a Flirty Apron.  I am dying to get my hands on one of these.  You have ot see them they're adorable and still sexy.  

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 14 How is it possible to wake up with a headache like this?

Weight to lose: 11.5lbs
Total for last week: -2lbs

Exercise: *headache went away* did 30 mins treadmill intervals

I'm sitting here waiting for my Advil cold and sinus and some tea to hopefully kick in and get rid of this strange one sided sinus headache.  I would exercise anyhow if it weren't so bad but this sucks.

Anyhow,  I weighed myself. Down 2 lbs!  YES!  I can feel it. It's likely more than that though I can feel it on my body and I was down to this weight before I started this diet and I didn't feel myself get bigger.  So that makes me feel even better.  There's no way I'm not putting on muscle with the strength training I'm doing and running.  I'm pretty much built for muscle long before weight loss. At this rate I'll be at my first goal by the end of Feb.

I also had three cheat meals so I'm pretty happy about that.  I'd rather exercise 5 days a week and partly diet than diet alone. I love food.  I look forward to a meal with the Hubbs when the kids are in bed.  I am very emotionally attached to that meal. It's like our reward for making it lol.

MUCH better night,  J slept through the night without his swaddle!  We practiced with him for naps and then at night he struggled a bit but with some comforting and rubbing his back (boys are so much more touchy feely it's cute)  he fell asleep and stayed asleep til 10am!  Finally a real bedtime for him and time for Mommy and Daddy with no kids yay!


Today is the last day for the two of the Momstart draws I'm really hoping to win. The Perricone cream and Bumbleride Stroller.  I really like that blog. I feel like she's real/honest  and I can relate.  Oh and wicked giveaways.  Yes I still say wicked haha.  Cross all your crossables for me.

* Piece of ME is givingaway a Mayfair gift pack valued at $75!  They have super cute notepads and list pads and magnets.  

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 14 This n' that...the usual

Weight lost:  ?
Exercise: Day off

Day off today. Good thing too since Hubbs and I were up lots last night with our youngest.  We swaddled him up til now and he's getting used to sleeping with no swaddle.  I completely recommend swaddling! A few nights of adjustment now are fully worth months of no sleep.  Both my kids responded very well to it sleeping through the night almost immediately.

So no exercise and tomorrow I weigh myself. I'm kind of excited but I don't want to be let down either.  Here's hoping!

Spent most of the day just getting caught up and doing errands, groceries, putting laundry away, changing a TON of burned out light bulbs and  I went through my drawers...they were a mess of a mix of maternity clothes over sized clothes (yay!) and just ratty old things.  So I have a maternity pile and a donate pile.

Otherwise hanging out with my kids and it's been a good day.  Anyone with a two year old knows a good day is just a minimal amount of melt downs and time outs lol.  I had hoped the snow would be good enough for us to take her out and play but no such luck, we were going to take her swimming but we were way too tired.


Did my tweets...check em out if you're looking for some links to on going giveaways.. Twitter 

* Cool Canucks is giving away a Flirty Apron.  I have been coveting one of these since I first saw them on a blog not too long ago.  This might actually get me in the kitchen more!

Experimental Mommy is giving away an Oreck Halo germ killing vacuum.  It not only vacuums but it uses UV lights to kill bacteria at the same time.

*  Found another flirty apron giveaway on Piece of ME.  I'm new to this blog but I like what I see.  Love those aprons!  I never considered the red one before but it looks great on her.

* Pieces of ME is also giving away an adorable pair of shoes by Pedoodle.  They have the cutest little girl shoes.  My fave is the sugar plum so pretty.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 13 Operation DS and Giveaways!

Weight to lose: ?
Exercise: Treadmill intervals 40mins

My visit to the chiropractor paid off. Seems I had a rib out of place. That's the second time that's happened to me lifting my little tank.  I'm still sore but I decided to work out today so I could take tomorrow off and start again Monday.  Thanks for the well wishes.

I don't know how much I've lost but I think not knowing makes you pay more attention to your body. I feel like I'm losing.  My arms don't brush my sides as much. I hate that!  So good. I'm going to weigh myself Monday morning.  Exciting kind of.

A giveaway of sorts:  I entered Weleda's Facebook haiku contest. I don't think I've written a haiku since public school.  Anyhow I won all three products in their new pomegranate skin regenerating line.

The winner was:

Glorious sunshine/ Petals warm my wintry soul / Daydreams of summer

 I wrote three an it wasn't my fave but they liked it so wooo hoooo.  I love winning stuff lol. Thus my giveaway addiction.  My sister in law is going to be so proud lol.

 ***something weird is happening with my font today, this is not on purpose lol****

Giveaways for today: 

* Simply Stacie is giving away a Mrs Smith diaper bag.  I am dying to get my hands on one of these. They look uber easy to organize and any Mom knows you don't have 5 minutes to search for a bib when they're hungry!  Last day to enter is today.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 12 operation DS and Giveaways

Pounds to lose:  I have no idea :D
Exercise: none

So yesterday I did something to my back lifting my 23lb 9 month old in his car seat.  It was achy yesterday and I put some heat and cold on it but this morning I woke up and yowsers!  I couldn't even breathe without pain.  So I'm headed to the chiropractor this afternoon.  In the meantime no exercise today, I'm going to have to make up the two days off this weekend.  We'll see, if I do even one day I'll be happy.

So we've put in a different car seat, not the bucket one, he's a pound over the limit anyhow it needed to be done.  Believe it or not it's going to be tricker since I can't put him down and chase my 2 year old but I'll have to figure it out.  I'm out of commission today. I only got up today to get a hot bath and now to post.  Priorities lol.

So today will be mostly giveaways:

Eighty MPH mom is giving away a pearl necklace form Louis Anthony Jewelers a $300 value! It's beautiful have a look.  Ends Feb 3rd.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 11 of DS and Giveaways!

Weight to lose:  13lbs
Exercise:  The 30 day shred

I think I'm going to stop weighing myself every day and stick to once a week. So I think my next weigh will be on Monday morning.  It's frustrating to see it fluctuate day to day and it could just be water or whatever...


*Lucky Canuck is giving away a flirty apron, so much prettier than your Mom's apron.  Makes cooking fun. Ends Jan 28th

* Jabbering Jessi is giving away a Hoover vacuum!  I could really use this since our old one falls over all the time and with two little ones that's no good.

* Jabbering Jessi is ALSO giving away a Strider bike. If you've never seen one check it out. It's a bike with no wheels or pedals or chain for kids just learning to ride.   Great idea!

* Mom's focus on cyber world is giving away a gorgeous, plush blanket from select comfort.  Makes me feel all cuddly just looking at it!

* Mom Start is giving away a Bumbleride Flyer stroller!!  These strollers are beautiful and fold up so conveniently into a carrying case.  A great easy option!  I'd love to have this for my rugrats.

* Mom start is also giving away Perricone MD cold plasma cream. I have seriously been eyeing this stuff for a while now. I would LOVE to be able to try it.  Such a treat!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 10 operation DS and Giveaways!

Weight to lose: 12.5
Exercise:  treadmill intervals 40min

Down another .5lbs. Slowly but surely I suppose.  I'll take it.  I've been feeling a bit off. That feeling where you may be getting sick but you're not sure. I had to have a cup of tea before I worked out to get the motivation.

Had a nice lunch out with DJ today. Funny how when you get time alone all you do is talk about the kids or run errands since it's so much faster!  It as nice anyhow.  Thanks Mom :D


Lucky Canuck is giving away a flirty apron.  I love these aprons.  I don't like to cook but I think these might actually help motivate me. They're adorable. 

* Feisty Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a Body Shop prize pack with all kinds of yummy things!  Including a variety of make up brushes $150 value!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 9 operation DS and Giveaways

Weight to lose: 13lbs
Exercise: zip

I had a headache last night...a good one and today it was still there so I decided to skip my workout, well post phone it really. I can make it up on the weekend or not. I'm really happy I'm still at -13 and it didn't go back up again. Makes me feel like it's actually real. I will get back to it though, I've only just begun.

My terrible two year old has the loveliest new bad habit.  She tells everyone and everything to "shut up", whether they're talking or not.  Great.  We have a very vocal cat and we got into the habit a long time ago of telling him to shut up when he was whining and apparently we didn't stop soon enough and she picked up on it.  Although her version is much snippier so I wonder where else it might be coming from.  I tried getting her to say 'quiet please' if that's really what she wants but now it doesn't seem that's the real reason anyhow.  So time out it is.   EVERY time she says it we give her time out.  She's pretty good with them and I think it's making a difference, it's our consistency that will make or break it.

Next up.... getting her to stop calling her Daddy by his name.  It's hilarious but it needs to stop. I just need to stop him from answering to it first!


* Today's Diva having a fantastic giveaway where they'll draw one winner every week to win  everyday resort pallet and lavender lip balm from Everyday Minerals ends Feb 15th.

* Cool Canucks is giving away a personalized baby blanket from designs by Mimi and lola .  They are seriously adorable!

* Cool Canucks is also giving away (well really they have a TON of giveaways you should check out these are only a few)  a Spa Boutique prize pack.

* Cool Canucks is also giving away a 3 pack of Herbal Hugs. Seriously I NEEED these. I have an ice pack on my neck as I type. The only thing wrong with these is that I don't have it NOW.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 8 operation DS and GIVEAWAYS

Weight to lose: 13lbs
Exercise:  Jillian Michael's 30 day shred

Rushed morning. I had to workout run to get a shower and run to a doctors apt. I ate a protein bar on the way.  But officially I lost 2.5lbs the first week!  That's not too shabby. I actually feel like it's more.  I doubt if I'd feel a noticable difference from 2.5 and I kind of feel my sides are less rounded.  I'm doing a bunch of weights so maybe I'm gaining muscle.  I got a nice compliment from my SIL. It's always good to hear it from someone else :D

What the heck is with Doctor's office secretaries?  I swear the broads that work at mine are the most incompetent people. I'm sure there are many good ones but I have yet to meet one. Today they flat out lied to me, why? Cause I asked the Doctor to call me and she didn't want to ask so she said she was gone.  I even made her go and look but I'll bet she just faked it.  Why bother?  What's the big deal really, I was in there for an apt not like I am trying to brush off an appointment.  Then she (the doctor) called like 20 mins later...idiots.  I love my doctor, it's too bad she hires biatches.  Well that's my vent lol.  Next up Costco Pharmacists.....


I didn't enter any *new* give aways today.  I just re tweeted the old ones.  I've got lots of bows to work on for my Etsy shop.

Check out my twitter page and follow me for the giveaways I'm entering. My Twitter name is Cushytushyshop

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 7 operation DS and of course GIVEAWAYS!

Weight to lose: 14lbs
Exercise: 20 minute intervals on treadmill

So I did work out today.  That makes five days like I'd wanted.  I didn't do the extra 20 minutes after the intervals but we had a skype call with my inlaws so I had to cut it short.  I'm 'up' a pound but I suspect that will change even if just a bit.  We had wings last night, they're my FAVE cheat.  I'm sure I'm retaining water.  I'm happy with my exercise for the week.

I seriously think I might lose my mind if I have to watch Toy Story one or two again lol.   Isn't it funny how kids fixate on movies.  First it was Bolt, then Nemo then Shrek (which wasn't so bad) and now anything Toy Story.  Terrible twos are here so anything that keeps her happy I'm willing to do.  When we get more snow we can go out and play.

Giveaways!  Here are the giveaways I've entered today:

* Cool Canucks blog is giving away a bottle of White Sands ER (emergency repair) hair treatment.  It looks so indulgent.  I would love to try it.  My hair is so dry lately. Kids'll do that to ya.

* Rave and review is giving away a  T3 Bespoke feather weight hair dryer + extras! Value $200
My hair dryer is cracking and has seen MUCH better days.  I would love to win this.

* Rave and review is also giving away an Oreck XL Halo UV vaccum!  This is more than your typical vacuum, it has a UV light that kills bacteria WHILE you vaccum.  A dream for moms with young kids crawling or kids with allergies.

* The B keeps us honest is giving THREE winners a set of Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone.  They are so pretty, check it out.

* Lucky Canucks is giving away a set of peach to pink pearl earrings.  They are beautiful!  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6 operation downsize and GIVEAWAYS

Weight to lose: 13lbs  
Exercise: none, rest day

Down another pound!  Of course the day after I had a cheat night with steak and drinks.  How does that work lol. I'll take it!  My original plan was to take weekends off of exercising but I think since I skipped Wednesday I'm going to work out tomorrow for a short interval set on the treadmill.  Great progress. I'll be even happier if I lose another half pound by the end of the week to be a full 3lbs.

Giveaway news:

*Lille Punkin Reviews is giving away a Flip Ultra Video Camera valued at $150.  I am new to this blog but I like her set up. And I love that she is very to the point and direct about things.

*Simply Stacie is giving away a three pack of Girl Gotch underwear.  We will be starting potty training soon with my DD and I would love to have these for her. They are the comfiest underwear I've seen for little girls and that's exactly what you need when you're trying to make potty training fun.  I hope to win some but I'll probably buy some anyhow.

* Jabbering Jessi is giving away a Kodak $110 Visa gift card!  There's a great calculator on the Kodak site you can use to see how much you're overpaying for ink.  You can link thru Jessi's blog.

* Sweeps4bloggers is giving away a CASE of Ritter sport chocolate. Are you kidding me?  I am on a diet but I cannot resist this.  I mean a case. They have a ton of flavours including fine dark chocolate and peppermint to name a couple of my faves.

* Sweeps4bloggers is also giving away two bottles of organic nail polish and nail polish remover.  **FIVE** winners!  

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 Operation Downsize and Giveaways of course!

Weight to lose:  14lbs
Exercise:  30 day shred

I'm not happy that the only weight lost was after the first day and was likely water weight. I have been working really hard. I have to hope that it's just getting my metabolism wound up and it will come off faster but then there's that dreaded time of the month that messes with my weight loss every month.

I was still sore this morning but not bad.   I'm curious to see how sore I am tomorrow.  Last time on the second work out I was considerably less sore.


* Baby Good Buys is giving away an Indie stroller and Jam pack $520 value!  Easy to enter check it out!

* Babybix is giving away a  Britax frontier harness booster seat!  That's a GREAT giveaway.  Car seats are like gold lol and Britax is a fantastic brand.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 operation downsize and giveaway news

Weight to lose: 14lbs  Holding strong
Exercise: 20 minute intervals 20 minute fast walk on treadmill

STILL sore.  But I can't keep waiting. I feel better now, I think it was good that I didn't workout yesterday. Soon I'll be able to do five days.  I feel good. I already feel like the intervals that almost killed me on monday are a bit easier.  I upped the speed on a couple of them.

My hormones are a MESS.  That can't be helping but, I'm looking forward to seeing some more results. I hope to at least lose two pounds this week but more would be nice. 

My latest obsession...GIVEAWAYS:

* I entered to win a Hooter Hider from Bebe Au Lait.  I didn't breastfeed for long with my two but when I did or even for pumping the nursing cover was fantastic. The bebe au lait cover has a rigid piece at the top so you can see what you're doing under there and lots of chic patterns.    Check it out on Simply Stacie.

*The B keeps us Honest is giving away a scarf from affordable scarves. They look so comfy cozy and luxurious. I'd love to have one to match my new hat.

* Organic Girl is giving away a $40 gift certificate to Kinderel.  They have lots of different products including bibs, blankets and sleep sacks.  A great value.

* The Fabulous Won (great name by the way)  is giving away a jar of Perricone MD Plasma cream from Perricone MD value of $150!  I've never tried anything that luxurious before.  Looks like a great product.

* Feisty Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a pair of Sanita Professional Cabrio Clogs. They are beautiful leather clog shoes.  They look so fancy. I think my hubby would love them for when he starts his new job.

My Wee View  one of my favourite giveaway blogs is giving away a pair of See Kai Run Shoes.  I have never tried these on either of my kids but I know how important shoes are for young feet and I would love the opportunity to have a pair.

* A daily dose of Toni is giving away a Dyson DC31 hand held vacuum!  Pretty sweet.  They are such fantastic machines.  I could really use one of those with the crumbs my kids manage. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 operation downsize and the usual giveaway news :D

Pounds to lose: 14
Exercise: None, my body begged me not too

So I was sore yesterday but I decided to work out anyhow. I figure that they do it on the biggest loser everyday it won't kill me. BUT today, ouchie, I'm taking a break. I'll still do four days or I'll make it up on Saturday. We'll see.  I feel good.  The scale still says the same as yesterday which is good.  I think the eating/dieting is going to help so I don't HAVE to exercise everyday.

Giveaways news aka my latest obsession: I am a WINNER.  I won a giveaway on The B keeps us honest blog for the Dorian faux black pearl cluster set I blogged about yesterday. I can't wait to receive them.  They look so beautiful. I 'll have to con my parents into babysitting so I can wear them out somewhere.

Today's entries:
* I entered a giveaway on Cool Canucks for Monave mineral make up.  I would love to try their bamboo honey facial polish or maybe some of their setting powders.

* I also entered a giveaway on My Wee View for Reliable of Milwaukee Muk Luks.  Anyone who knows me knows how I love my slippers.  These would be a fantastic addition to my collection :D  Check out the other giveaways on these blogs.

* I entered on Cool Canucks to win candles from Aunt Sadies Candles.  They have a large and unique selection including lots of holiday scents.  Who doesn't love candles.

*Also a Burt's Bees set worth $75. Canadians only .  From Organic Girl.  I've never actually tried Burt's bees products but I have no idea why. I hmm and haw about it every time I see them. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them this time.

*Also from Organic Girl I entered to win a sling from Bambini Bags.  I have used baby wraps before and they are really just the best thing if you have a baby that likes to be held and you want your hands free.  I have never tried this style of slip before but from my understanding it is useful from newborn to toddler ages!

*Mrs Smith Diaper bag.  Any Mom knows diaper bags are just an extension of purses.  One to match each outfit? Each kid? Different sizes? why not! This giveaway helps feed my addiction. From Organic Girl again. She has great giveaways if you hadn't noticed.

*Kina lambskin booties.  Shoes are awesome, baby shoes are even better! These are especially adorable keep babies feet warm without overheating.  From you guessed it...Organic Girl.

*I just discovered this blog recently... Wishing penny.  She's giving away a handbag from handbag heaven. They have a great selection of unique colours and styles.

*A daily dose of Toni is offering A superstar professional turbo ionic  hair dryer...that's a mouthful.  Must be good!  This looks like a sleek machine.  My old one is literally cracking up, the handle barely stays together.  I'm tired of buying cheap hairdryers just to be on the search for a new one that really does what it's supposed to do.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 operation downsize... And the latest giveaways.

Pounds to lose to first goal:  14 (that's right -1.5 since yesterday.  Gotta love water weight)
Exercise:  Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout video lvl 1

I aaaalmost didn't work out.  I as usual went to bed WAY too late and had a hard time getting up.  By the time I dragged myself out of bed there were lots of other things that needed to be done. On top of my sore muscles from yesterday telling me just to skip it.  BUT I did it.  Mostly the threat of having to make it up on Saturday.
Tomorrow treadmill again.  And tonight to bed earlier.

In other news aka giveaways:  I am a WINNER!  I won a Little Lasso from Organic Girl  I can't wait to try it.  No more fetch for Mommy!

Blog giveaways I've entered today:

- Lady bugs and Tonka Trucks is giving away a set of Bumma cloths for after the wipe and before the diaper.  I'd love to win these for my little niece who has the hardest time with rashes poor thing. 
- Entered the Oreck Halo vacuum giveaway on Feisty Frugal and Fabulous .  This vacuum has a UV light that kills bacteria WHILE you vacuum. This is a godsend for people who suffer from allergies *hand raised*
- The B keeps us honest is giving away a  Dorian Faux black pearl cluster set  from Fantasy Jewelry box. It's beautiful in the photo I can only imagine how pretty it is in person.
- I also entered to win Lash Mantra eyelash serum.  I am more excited about this than really I think I 'should' be.  My lashes are stumpy at best. It's my own fault through bad habits of leaving mascara on while I sleep.  I would love to try this serum that sweeps4bloggers is giving away.
 -I entered a giveaway on the cool canucks  blog to win  Eleven Collection kids shoes, I'd never heard of them before this giveaway but they are adorable!  I never realized how important good, quality kids shoes were before my oldest began to walk.  My son is close to crawling and I'd love to win these shoes for him for when he begins to toddle.
- Back for more at Organic Girl.  I entered to win a $25 dollar gift certificate to Aylings Great Baby Company to put towards any kushies product.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 of getting my (larger than I'd like) butt back into gear!

Pounds to lose to 'first goal': 15.5  
Treadmill 40 minutes

Today I did a 20 minute interval set on the treadmill followed by twenty minutes of walking.  It was tough but it felt good!  When I didn't feel like I was going to throw up :D  I hate to exercise.  I never understood people who really like it.  I guess I don't get the same endorphins.  But anyhow for the first day success.  Tomorrow I shred with Jillian Micheals 30 day shred video.

In giveaway news....

  I entered a giveaway from Today's Diva for a $40 gift certificate to Bra Allure, ending Feb 4th.  I am guilty of not paying attention to the details I did when I was kidless,  aka underwear and lingerie.   I also entered to win Zuii cosmetics package worth $238!   And also a Karmin G3 pro in white from My hair styling tools.  Also...I know more lol.... A spa package from spa boutique worth $369.  What I love about the Today's Diva blog is not only are most of, if not all, of their giveaways eligible for Canadians but they are for ME  not baby stuff for me.   Things I may never have tried otherwise.  That's the second part of the working out is taking care of me too. 

I also entered a giveaway from Cool Canucks another Canadian site for a gift card to Chapters/Indigo for $25 AND also another I've been putting entries into for a while for Stonz booties.  If you haven't seen these booties they are the CUTEST things!  If I don't win them I think I won't be able to stop myself from buying some and maybe even if I do win them who knows.  I am also adding a button to the side of my blog for Cool Canucks.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can't beat free!

From time to time I'm going to post giveaways and links to free samples etc. Here's one to for some  Free caffeinated  soap

Click on the buttons on the right side of my blog for links to other blogs for great giveaways. Here are some of the giveaways I entered lately.

- A Boon highchair from Natural Mommie.  Ending January 13th.
- A Kuerig and a Bumbleride Indie stroller valued at $459.99 ends Jan 11th ends Jan 31st from Fiesty, Frugal and Fabulous 
- A Keurig  machine from Mommy PR ends 1/4

Having been on maternity leave for two years now it's tight and any of these would be a blessing!  Have fun and good luck!

Fast Forward Family

December 2005 I met my husband and we went on our first date. New Years eve date #2 (no pressure right?). September 2006 Engaged! March 2007 we're pregnant and married! Dec, 3 2007 we welcome our daughter Emma. March 2008 we buy and move into our first house. August 2008 we're pregnant...again! April 20th 2009 Jake is born..... getting the fast forward part now? I wouldn't have it any other way :D well maybe a little different ;)

Anyhow life around here the past few days. Sick husband, sick kids. LOTS of snot. We've been hibernating, which isn't easy with a two year old with an attention span of a flea. I think I've watched Toy Story five times in the past two days.

New Years resolutions! Typical, eat better, exercise, lose weight! I need to get rid of this baby weight. Starting Monday I do cardio every weekday and weights in between. I will keep track on here maybe it will help me stick to it. Monday it begins!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First time blogger long time talker

My first official blog. I'm awfully good at talking and over thinking so I can only imagine this will work out nicely for me.

My life...a very delicate balance between Mom and who I used to be. A struggle familiar to many women. Hopefully I can use this blog to help work it out. More to come...

Oh, and my latest obsession, blog giveaways. I'll be sharing a few of those ;)