Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 21 Rainy Monday

Weight to lose: 11 lbs
Exercise: 40 mins treadmill intervals

So I am down 2lbs from yesterday and that's .5 for the week.  I am going to just take it as "week 2" like on the biggest loser. There is always a week that stalls.  I'm pressing onward!  I think I've been gaining muscle too so even a pound of that will off set my 'weight loss'.  I've decided to have the Hubbs take photos of me so I can SEE the difference and not rely on the stupid scale so much.

So yesterday sucked.  It only got worse.  On the way to my parents house with the whole family in the car some Ahole turned left in front of me (in the rain!)  and I had to slam my brakes on and swerve to get around them then not to hit a light stand.  I couldn't have missed them by more than half a foot.  The Hubbs is still recovering from his surgery which is why I was driving and thank God!  It shook me up but I really feel like there was an angel on my shoulder.  I had already had the accident in my mind (that's how close we were) I was just trying to think of the 'best' way to hit them when I saw a tiny space I *might* fit through and I took it.  I've had lots of drivers training and I know that is partly to thank here.  Really I guess the day got could have happened but it didn't.  I am SO grateful.  **huge exhale*

When we got there all the family was there and we had a great night so the day did redeem itself.


Lots of great ones ending tonight on Mom's focus on cyber world  I hope to get an email tomorrow telling me I won something. It makes checking email in the morning exciting :D

* I entered a giveaway on Mom's focus on cyber world for Iron Man:  Armored adventures volume 2 .  Three readers will win!  My brother is a huge comic book nerd/lover :D   I tease him but it's really very sweet. He's just a big kid at heart sometimes and I think that's why my kids adore him.   I'd love to win this for him.

* Mom of Boys with Toys is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Eden's Fantasy ( warning it is for 18+).  They have super sexy lingerie I'd love to suprise the Hubbs with.

* Another new blog....  Pretty Pink Momma, is giving away a flirty apron.  I am dying to get my hands on one of these!  They are so cute! Check em out.


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