Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 22 Toned down Tuesday

Weight to lose: 12lbs (my math is bad, it was 12 yesterday too)
Exercise:  30 day shred

Got to sleep in a bit today ahhhhh, of course I was up with J til 2am so really it wasn't a sleep in as much as getting 8 hours.

I feel kind of weak today.  Maybe it's because I haven't done the shred since last tuesday so almost a week.  I had to skip it on Thurs because of the Hubbs surgery.

My blog is so completely boring. I need to add some photos or something.  Heres one of J and I at Christmas.  I love that little guy <3.

Customs Vent:
I got one of my winnings in the mail today.  (It's wonderful. I am not unhappy with it in anyway or the blog I won it from. I want to be super clear about that)  What I'm peeved about is that I had to pay almost $10 in customs!  Something for Canadians to keep in mind when entering contests.  It may not be free in the end.  And how does that work?  If you didn't pay for it is there really a value per se?  I could refuse it but that's really my only option .  Giveaway bloggers if you happen to be reading this is it possible you could talk to your giveaway suppliers about how they label their goods for giveaways?  It should be labelled as a gift when it wasn't purchased.  I actually called Customs and they do not tax under $20 so labelling the value $20 or less would take care of the problem.  Gifts are only between relatives etc. 


* Two of a kind working on a full house is giving away a Zooper Bolero stroller!  ARV $300.  Wow. It's beautiful.  You really have to see it.  I would love to win this. So gorgeous.  I know it would get lots of use in my family.

* Two of a kind working on a full house has so many great giveaways.  They also have one for an Evenflo Generations 65 combination booster.  ARV $100!

* Two of a kind working on a full house is ALSO givingaway a Clarisonic Mia sonic cleansing system.  That's a mouth full.  I have recently become very aware of how much I neglected my skin over the last three years of babies and pregnancies and it's showing. I'd love to have this to help.

*Bizzie Mommy is giving away a Sealy posturepedic signature series 11 series mattress!  I could really use this mattress, ours sinks into the middle. I have no idea how old it even is.  With two very young kids and a lack of sleep we need the best sleep we can get when we get it!

* Like a warm cup of coffee is giving away a flirty apron.  I WILL have one of these, I need to be careful it's becoming an obsession lol.  They are just so dang cute.

* Kidglue is giving away a $25 Gap card.  This would come in sooo handy buying clothes for J.  He's already fitting 18 month clothes at 9 months and he's outgrowing before I can even buy lol!


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