Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6 operation downsize and GIVEAWAYS

Weight to lose: 13lbs  
Exercise: none, rest day

Down another pound!  Of course the day after I had a cheat night with steak and drinks.  How does that work lol. I'll take it!  My original plan was to take weekends off of exercising but I think since I skipped Wednesday I'm going to work out tomorrow for a short interval set on the treadmill.  Great progress. I'll be even happier if I lose another half pound by the end of the week to be a full 3lbs.

Giveaway news:

*Lille Punkin Reviews is giving away a Flip Ultra Video Camera valued at $150.  I am new to this blog but I like her set up. And I love that she is very to the point and direct about things.

*Simply Stacie is giving away a three pack of Girl Gotch underwear.  We will be starting potty training soon with my DD and I would love to have these for her. They are the comfiest underwear I've seen for little girls and that's exactly what you need when you're trying to make potty training fun.  I hope to win some but I'll probably buy some anyhow.

* Jabbering Jessi is giving away a Kodak $110 Visa gift card!  There's a great calculator on the Kodak site you can use to see how much you're overpaying for ink.  You can link thru Jessi's blog.

* Sweeps4bloggers is giving away a CASE of Ritter sport chocolate. Are you kidding me?  I am on a diet but I cannot resist this.  I mean a case. They have a ton of flavours including fine dark chocolate and peppermint to name a couple of my faves.

* Sweeps4bloggers is also giving away two bottles of organic nail polish and nail polish remover.  **FIVE** winners!  


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