Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 9 operation DS and Giveaways

Weight to lose: 13lbs
Exercise: zip

I had a headache last night...a good one and today it was still there so I decided to skip my workout, well post phone it really. I can make it up on the weekend or not. I'm really happy I'm still at -13 and it didn't go back up again. Makes me feel like it's actually real. I will get back to it though, I've only just begun.

My terrible two year old has the loveliest new bad habit.  She tells everyone and everything to "shut up", whether they're talking or not.  Great.  We have a very vocal cat and we got into the habit a long time ago of telling him to shut up when he was whining and apparently we didn't stop soon enough and she picked up on it.  Although her version is much snippier so I wonder where else it might be coming from.  I tried getting her to say 'quiet please' if that's really what she wants but now it doesn't seem that's the real reason anyhow.  So time out it is.   EVERY time she says it we give her time out.  She's pretty good with them and I think it's making a difference, it's our consistency that will make or break it.

Next up.... getting her to stop calling her Daddy by his name.  It's hilarious but it needs to stop. I just need to stop him from answering to it first!


* Today's Diva having a fantastic giveaway where they'll draw one winner every week to win  everyday resort pallet and lavender lip balm from Everyday Minerals ends Feb 15th.

* Cool Canucks is giving away a personalized baby blanket from designs by Mimi and lola .  They are seriously adorable!

* Cool Canucks is also giving away (well really they have a TON of giveaways you should check out these are only a few)  a Spa Boutique prize pack.

* Cool Canucks is also giving away a 3 pack of Herbal Hugs. Seriously I NEEED these. I have an ice pack on my neck as I type. The only thing wrong with these is that I don't have it NOW.


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