Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bring on the vacay!!!!

I SOOOO needed this week off.  I had a week off a couple of weeks ago but the hubbs was working and with the kids it was really just more work that work :D  He's off this week and I'm thrilled.
We have plans to catch up on lots of chores around the house in and out.  I weeded my backyard garden and got FIVE yard waste bags to add to the two from out front!  My garden is huge but that's a project for next spring.  We'll be painting/staining the deck and doing paint touch ups, weeding the lawn and the driveway (annoying).
But best of all we'll be making trips to the splash pad and to a place called ZOOZ in Niagara Falls.
We went to story book gardens with the inlaws.  It was fun, pretty low key. Got some good photos to share :D


* Leslie loves veggies is giving away a soft serve icecream machine from CSN stores.  This thing holds sprinkles...are you kidding me??  Sprinkles!  Wait maybe I shouldn't enter this giveaway.  Oh well I'll let fate decide if I need to do more cardio :D  Ends August 12th and is open to the US and Canada.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Special delivery from Alberta

So my brother and his wife and son are visiting this week from Alberta.  SO! exciting. We don't get to see them much for obvious reasons. This is only the second time (week visit) I've gotten to see my nephew.  It's so cool to see him play with J now that they're both a bit older. He was only 7 months when he was here last.

Fun at the park with all the munchkins..
J is wearing his cousins glasses and clearly not used to how it feels.


*Cartoon lovin' Mama is giving away a kung zhu pet package.  My kids have never had a zhu zhu pet but I KNOW this is something that they'd love.  My daughter is nutty for animals and loves track toys.  Enter now it ends on July 26th.

Friday, July 9, 2010

He's here!

The newest addition to the family.... my new nephew!  He's absolutely adorable and I haven't gotten to hold him yet but I can't wait.  Meet H...

I think he looks like my son in the eyes and nose....which is my side of the family... and his mom which is my sister....  for comparison...J

Sunday, July 4, 2010

long time no typey.....

I have been so busy! I can't even remember the last time I worked out, or blogged.  I even skipped entering blog giveaways for two weeks :O  I haven't done that since I began last Christmas!  I've been working 15hour days for the past bit and it's been hectic. My poor Hubbs has been taking care of the kids at night by himself because I had to stay out of town.   As tiring as working was, it was a nice break to only have to look after myself.   Get home get dinner, have a drink and crash when I needed to.  I even painted my toe nails lol. 

So yesterday we took E and J to the zoo/safari to make up for some lost time.  It was a BLAST.  The kids loved it. It was a tad on the hot side but the water park totally made up for that and then some.  I can't wait to take them back.  E has a slight obsession with horses.  So when we saw the pony ride we knew she'd love it.  I'm not normally a worrier but with my kids it's a whole other story.... when I realized she was hanging on all by herself with no assistance I about had a heart attack....  I should have taken a picture of my face lol.
My heat was so full!  She's getting so grown up, I am so proud of her.

Some other photos of feeding the animals.
My brother is coming from Alberta to visit next week and we'll have much more of the fun day trips to come! 


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