Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big girl bed time!

So E's in her big girl bed now.  She was just so super cramped it was time.  After a little mistake about what size mattress we needed (ugh) AND trying to figure out how to convert her crib to a bed. Don't even get me started, this company basically sells you a generic bedrail set and makes you drill your own holes and get bolts.  Um yeah that's not exactly convertible..that's a DIY dude.

Anyhow so now she needed new bedding.  YAY!  Her room is painted like this...

Her old bedding is on the chair there.  So naturally I think brown and pink.  I want something that will be good for more than just a 'little girl' room.  So after lots and lots of looking this is what I decided on. 
I am SO in love.  It's by dwellstudio.  As a matter of fact I HAD to get some for Jake too.  This is his room 
Just the one wall is like this and the others are the lighter blue.  So the bedding I got from dwellstudio for him...
Adorable right??  I'm so excited to receive it.  Jake won't even use it for another half a year or more probably. The kid isn't even eating solids more than baby food or walking *sigh* .  But I digress...

The only thing I am now desperately in search of is some sort of space saving chair we can both sit in nice and cozy and read books.  Enter  Gorilla bags.  I ran across these in a giveaway on Survey Junkie and it's a perfect fit!!!  I've entered to win and you can too until Oct 9th. US only.  (I'm willing to drive down :D)

My favourite is the brown passion suede 5ft.