Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 Operation Downsize and Giveaways of course!

Weight to lose:  14lbs
Exercise:  30 day shred

I'm not happy that the only weight lost was after the first day and was likely water weight. I have been working really hard. I have to hope that it's just getting my metabolism wound up and it will come off faster but then there's that dreaded time of the month that messes with my weight loss every month.

I was still sore this morning but not bad.   I'm curious to see how sore I am tomorrow.  Last time on the second work out I was considerably less sore.


* Baby Good Buys is giving away an Indie stroller and Jam pack $520 value!  Easy to enter check it out!

* Babybix is giving away a  Britax frontier harness booster seat!  That's a GREAT giveaway.  Car seats are like gold lol and Britax is a fantastic brand.


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