Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally caught J's Cold

Why is it when you're almost at the end of a baby's cold and you think you're out of the water all of the sudden the scratchy throat creeps in and ruins your day.   That's how I woke up today.  Great.  I hope this moves fast or I can manage to miss it with food and sleep.  Always two major factors for me, if either are missing I'm screwed.

Yesterday was 'family day'.  I swear those holidays where everything is closed so your family can be together are the worst.  That sounds awful but you try spending the day inside with a restless two year old who wont sleep and a teething infant.  NOT fun.  I wish the weather had been snowy and not too cold or warm enough to play outside.  Instead we spent the day entertaining her in 20 minute intervals (that's as long as her attention span lasts most of the time).  Back to normal today she's at daycare this morning and slept well. Now if we can only get J to sleep and not wake up 5 times a night crying for his soother or from teething pain.  I love my kids but I will be sooooo happy not to wake up during the night anymore.

J is starting to lift his belly off the ground and rock himself back and forth. I can't wait til he crawls. I think he'll be more happy when he's mobile and the place is baby proofed anyhow.   He's going to be more of a climber than his sister I think.   Here's a photo of him practicing on his hands and knees.


Apparently I had been neglecting Born 2 Impress's blog.  I missed a bunch of great giveaways...

* Giveaway for a personalized stamp from Stamp Out...they're really cute and with the amount of mail I'm sending out nowadays it would really be handy. 

* Another giveaway from Born 2 Impress for a Plasma Car.  I think E would have a blast on this when the snow melts.  We'd probably bring it to Nana and Grandad's where she could ride on the street with MUCH less traffic than home. 

*ALSO they are giving away a Remington wet2dry straightener.  I've been dying to try one of these. I swear it would save me so much time and when I go back to work those extra 15 minutes will be like gold!


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