Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Any Bachelor Fans?

I've been a 'fan' of the show for a while.  I don't love it but it's a guilty pleasure.  Is it just me, or are they not even trying to cover up how set up it is?  I can suspend reality enough for a show, that's not the problem. I can pretend to believe that the Bachelor can't make up his mind til the last second and that he is genuinely in love with both women and has to make a heart wrenching decision, even though he most likely has a good idea very early on who he's going to choose.   I can believe that all these women are there for love and not just their fifteen minutes of fame.  Heck I even belived the latest Ali story on the Bachelor until last night on the 'final rose' the women tell all..........  Could they have made it more obvious she is going to be the next Bachelorette?
Lets look at the facts....

* The Bachelor/ Bachelorette shows  ALWAYS choose their next 'dater' from the previous season.  They get big ratings from it and it strings viewers from season to season. Very clever. I'm not faulting them it's just a point in my theory.

* The audience must love this person aka they must be scorned, rejected in some way. 

* I very much doubt that Ali knew the entire time how much time she had off yet had no idea until the last second when they called her to come back.  She would have known it was approaching. 

* When she she spontaneously decides in the rose ceremony she must talk to Chris/the host she very OBVIOUSLY mouths (likely to a producer)  Now? with a head nod no less.  Ok that alone isn't evidence. They have to make it look fluid, no problem.

* Then when she goes up to talk to Jake she has a half smile on her face virtually the whole time.  We know she's not nervous on camera so what's the deal??

* The phone call back to Jake to come back  is maybe the thing that tipped me off.  She is CLEARLY in a hotel room.  She's not at home in San Fransisco pining for him.  They obviously planned the phone call before she left and therefore planned the rejection.   Bringing Ali to the woman rejected category. Just in case anyone though well she chose to leave...

I think most likely Jake knew he wasn't choosing her and so the producers told Ali they wanted her to be the next bachelorette and set it up for people to love her.  She's cute anyhow, I think she was pretty popular. In my opinion they went overboard. They could have left her to the final two and just done it like they always do.  I think ironically they wanted it to look like it wasn't the same old formula.

Am I right??  


Julie said...

A kid in my grade 8 class wrote in his grad bio for yearbook that he is Most Likely To..."be the next Bachelor". haha

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