Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday-Family day

A day off...around here same old. With the Hubbs being off work and me being on Mat leave I barely can tell when the weekends are.  No where to go and E was going stir crazy.  She wouldn't nap and probably had at least four or five time outs some back to back. UGH...

Well here are some soccer photos I promised.

I love her little uniform.  She seemed to get into it near the end. Ironically she just wanted to run around and it was mostly  structured.


Cool Canucks is giving away a beautiful CityX3 Swivel Single Stroller  from Tike Tech.  It's a gorgeous stroller.  I'd love to win and be able to get rid of that old Graco behemoth. 


Nichol said...

So cute. I'm so waiting for the sports days :)

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