Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday--- No such thing as a weekend these days

I remember when Friday used to mean something. When I was a student mostly.  Other than that it was just that Fridays mattered for other people and that's when stuff was happening.  Being a Mom on mat leave weekends might mean some extra help but other than that it's really just more work.  Time to get all of the out of the house errands done like groceries and the trek to Costco.  Packing all the kids up and a humungo diaper bag.  And with E being a drama queen all the time we mostly just split up to run the errands.

Today is flying by.  I have been entering the flirty apron giveaway on Tara's view of the world blog all day.  She must hate me but hey, she said unlimited.  I want that apron! lol.

So the Hubbs says today is my week end for weight loss.  I usually do mondays but I guess this is the time we bought the scale last week so it's probably the most accurate.  Anyhow down 2.5lbs Yes!  Could it be because my Aunt Flo is visiting maybe, but I'm holding out hope that I'm still bloated and it will go down even more.  A girl can dream right?

Anyhow for my photo of the day:


E and her cousin L.  Adorable when E isn't pushing her out of the way.  I'm sure L will get her back soon enough!
Have a good weekend! I hear E is awake from her nap. Perfect timing.

*Snafood (cute title) blog is giving away a flirty apron, open worldwide til Feb 23.  My favourites are the black and red sassy aprons.  I can't decide!

*Nate Hines is giving away a flip ultra HD.  I'd love to win this for my Dad.  Click on this link to enter  WIN a FLIP Ultra HD !!
* Sweeps 4 Bloggers is giving THREE (3) winners a $96 hair care kit.  You have to visit the website.  They have a progressive straightening treatment that is so ingenious I don't know why everyone doesn't have it.  If you have annoying wavy hair like me you know why this is so remarkable.  Ends Feb 13th.  US and Can


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