Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why did God make food taste so good?

Ok so I've done pretty well I guess so far with the working out and weight loss. I've averaged about a pound a week give or take since I know I've gained some muscle.  But dang if it doesn't seem to take foreeeeeever.  Ok I have no patience, I was feeling kinda blah about it today but as I think about it, I've been able to do it with some exercise and really not missing out on much of the food I enjoy with some creative calorie placement. So I'm done whining about it and back on the treadmill tomorrow.

J isn't feeling well, seems he's got a cold.  He woke up coughing on Friday night and it sounded like croup.  I hate that sound, yet another thing to worry about.  A humidifier seemed to help but we went to the doc today since it didn't seem to be getting better.  Just a virus, no ear infection (which is what I worry about) and just a little chunky lung.  That I can deal with. 

No photo today.  I'll stop slacking and do one tomorrow.


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