Friday, March 5, 2010

A pleseant suprise AND a fantastic giveaways

So I usually dye my own hair with box dye.  It's always a suprise how it comes out. If you dye your hair blonde on your own you know what I mean.  I've tried so many times so many types/shades of blonde that I can hardly remember which one worked how and why.  I've tried ash, golden and beige.  I always have a problem with too much yellow but with ash it always goes too grey.  WELL for some reason I thought the last time I dyed it I used ultra light ash blonde.  Anyhow long story, despite my best efforts I ended up with yellow/orange roots.   I never used to have dark roots til after I gave birth to my daughter, that's another story.  Anyhow, So I decided to use a toner.  I've used toner before no problem.  Here's my second bit of poor judgement.  They didnt have my normal shade of toner so I decided the ashier one looked almost the same so it should be good enough right?  WRONG.  So my roots, still yellowy and the bottom of my hair grey/GREEN!  Yes green.  And the Hubbs could see it so you know it's bad.  So after crying, fighting the urge to reach for the scissors and some internet research I decided to go with a golden/red blonde ot counteract the green.  My wonderful husband ran to get it for me to save me donning a baseball hat and running to the store.  I decided to use copper blonde and well now my hair is strawberry blonde. I don't hate it and it's SO much better than green lol.  What do you think?
            Before                                   After


*I have never been so lucky as to own a Dyson vacuum.  We bought a bissell and while it does a good job with's like they completely neglected all thought for design.  When I vacuum the vacuum cleaner attacks me.  It topples over landing with a loud crash and has even damaged my wood floors!!  Not to mention I WILL NOT vacuum with kids around.  This beautiful Dyson Animal vacuum upright has the 'dyson ball' which allows for maximum maneuverablity.  And it won't try to kill me, definitely a plus!  It's also designed for animal hair which anyone with a pet knows can be mind bogglingly hard to get off a chair or pillow.

Organic Girl and Today's Diva are giving one of these beautiful Vacuums away.  Visit and put your entry in! Open to US and Canada.  Good luck!

  *  TS (time surge) Giveaways was thoughtful enough to let me know she had a Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway!!  Yes!  I am beyond excited to be able to enter to take my daughter and her BFF to see their favourite characters Live!  YGG is on the tv as I type right now.  And a trip on the Go train, it will be a blast.  If you don't want to try your luck tickets are available from ticket master.  But you can't win if you don't play!   Head over and throw your own entry in...Ends on March 10th. Good luck!


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