Thursday, March 11, 2010

The age old struggle to get kids to eat vegetables.

One of the things I don't do so well with my daughter (my son eats babyfood he's easy) is getting her to eat her veggies.  Fruit she'll eat NO problem.  She will eat an entire pint of blue berries or strawberries AFTER dinner.

So online I read a neat tip to put out veggies as dinner is being made.  So I bought some broccoli and tzatziki and it was a hit!  We shared/ mostly she ate half a head (is that what it's called?) of broccoli.  But do you think she'd touch her pita pizza? nope.  How did that manage to back fire?  She ate some breadsticks and cheese and strawberries so not bad in the end.  Tomorrow we try carrots.

I'm determined to serve more veggies even if I have to hide them.  Even better if I don't!  Any tips?  I'm open to suggestions. I put lots of chunky veggies in chili and she'll eat it. I'm going to try meatloaf...
Heck I even got some mmmm yummy! out of her!

Also I wanted to give a super big thank you to TS Giveaways!  Thanks so much for commenting on my post and letting me know that you were having  a Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway. I won! And now I get to take my daughter and her friend to the show....we're very excited and super grateful for the opportunity to win.  Visit her blog for lots of great giveaways and blogging.    


Julie said...

I love the idea of putting out veggies and a dip for her while you're making dinner. I think it would be fun for her. I love it myself! Yum! What about putting a puree into your meatloaf or other foods that you make? It can be baked right in. Let's look through my Deceptively Delicious cookbook on Thursday. Pedicure day!

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