Thursday, March 25, 2010

No wonder they call it a JOB

So I head back to work on April 6th. I'm happy to go because heck this motherhood thing is HARD but I'm also sad that this is the last time I'll be able to spend this much time with my babies.  Heck when they'll even BE babies.  We're not having anymore so I guess it's kind of like the END of a time in our lives.  Sad :( 

Speaking of Babies J went from crawl position to sit for the first time! I was so proud. I can't wait til he's moving around and then walking. 

I did a fun little exercise with E on my Mommies board. I asked her a bunch of questions and typed exactly what she answered. It's cute and gives a real insight into her personality.  I should mention that each question I asked was repeated back by her. She is BIG on repeating and it was challenging to get an answer. 

1. What's your name? "A baby!" She's pushing her baby stroller and looking at me like I should know the answer to that question.
2. What's your favorite color?
First attempt-"No." She just repeats the question back. Yep this is my kid
3. How old are you? "Blue" stuck on the last question.
4. What color is your hand? Hand? Not answering that one either
5. What's your favorite toy? "Hand!" Apparently she's still on the last question lol
6. What does a monkey say? Ooooo oooo ahhh ahhh ahhh, she does an impressive monkey, my typing doesn't do it justice.
7. What color is Elmo? Blue (by the way everything is blue or yellow)
8. What do you like to eat for dinner? "Cooookie?" Can't blame her for trying.

I love this part of having kids.  They are such a joy and a challenge all at once. But we'll never do this again and the moments where she calls me Mommy or runs to meet me at the door make EVERYTHING and more worth while!


Julie said...

That little quiz is hilarious. I can totally imagine her giving you those crazy answers. What a silly girl. I had lots of fun with her when I was over last, playing Catan. She's great!!!

Momma Such said...

We did little questions something like this with our children once, but we asked things like How old is Mommy? What is Mommy's favorite food? What does Mommy do? You wouldn't believe the answers we have gotten! Mommy is 70 and she weighs 100 lbs (Thank you! However they think that is a LOT! lol) Mommy likes chocolate food and Mommy likes to go shopping! They had some really cute answers. I posted this on my blog some time ago, but it has been a while. I should probably ask them all again and see what their answers are. :)

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