Thursday, March 4, 2010

FINALLY- A product that does what it says it will....

Why is that so surprising?  Nowadays it seems like you have to spend a stupid amount of money looking for the product that actually does what it claims, assuming it exists!  The web is fantastic for that. At least you can get a bit of a clue from reviews and what not but still...trial and error.  

I have been on a mission for the past two months or so to get rid of my black heads!  It's like one day I realized how bad they were on my nose and they have been mocking me since then.  I tried a professional facial, that did zip.  I bought expensive Vichy cleanser and moisturizer, also did zip.  I bought glycolic acid cleanser, you guessed it, zip.  I tried scrubs, made my nose smoother but, nothing for black heads.  I even did my own at home spa facial.  Steam, two masks, scrub, biore strip more steam and ZIP.  I can't even squeeze them out.  I bought that fancy little black head tool.

I wanted to try the new Neutrogena numbered cleansers. I did the online 'quiz' and although I couldn't find them in the store, the cleanser it suggested was benzoyl peroxide.  So I got the clean and clear benzoyl cleanser.  Nice.  Feels cool after kind of minty fresh on your face.  But, for black heads, zip. 

SOOOOO on to the winner.  I read some online reviews about the clean and clear black head eraser.
I debated trying the neutrogena wave and but I thought since my problem is mostly my nose this might be a better size.  So I bought it. It comes with the battery and some cleansing pads.  The pads have salisycylic  acid.  Which I was skeptical about, I've tried it many many times.  Anyhow to the meat.... the first time I used it. I thought it felt like it wasn't doing anything.  It tickled my nose but it wasn't super uncomfortable.  I looked in the mirror and believe it or not I thought I saw a difference mid use!  Wow.  Could it be?  I used my glycolic toner and actually saw a little colour on the pad.  What??  ok so I'm impressed but still blackheads.  But after one use a difference? Not bad.  Next night.  Again a difference even less blackheads.  

I have never been black head free EVER.  I have only used it twice now but I'm actually excited to see if I can get rid of them almost all together.  I wish I'd taken a before and after to show you.  But if you're in the market for a reasonably priced option try the benzoyl peroxide and this little gadget and maybe you'll have the same results.  I feel like I should be getting something free for this lol.  But really I'm just so happy something actually works.  Kind of sad that's unusual now a days.

Let me know if you try it and it works for you.


Surge said...

I don;t have blackheads, but I'm seriously getting pimples for some reason.. I usually just clean and clear. =) Nice review

I noticed you commented on another yo gabba giveaway - I have one going on over at my blog too if you'd like to enter!

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