Monday, April 12, 2010

Working Girl... Not that kind but you know

Work work work!  This is my second week back and boy is it tiring!  That sounds like a bad stand up joke :D  My Mom is watching the kids. Thank goodness for her.  They get to stay home and she comes here.  We are SO blessed.  She's a real trooper watching my 2yr old and 1yr old and my niece who's 18 months.  Id rather work!  Not much else going on.  I'm throwing a birthday party for J on Sunday. I have so many great ideas.  Here is the cupcakes Im going to make...minus the animals.

I have toppers from Kanga Crafts on Etsy that I'm so excited to use.  I also ordered a photo banner and highchair banner.  I'm excited!

I'll definitely post pictures next week.  I think I'm down to one post per week.  but I'll make sure there are lots of pics :D


*So many great giveaways.  Piece of Me blog is giving away a pair of See Kai Run shoes for kids.  They are such well made shoes and that is so SUPER important.  I bought cheap shoes for E last summer and the poor kid had blisters so bad. I learned how important good shoes are for that and for their growing/developing feet. 

* Mom's best bets blog is giving away a jar of Perricone MD's cold plasma cream.  I would LOVE to get my hands on this stuff. I have recently become obsessed with my pores and now I've come to notice all my wrinkles.  I feel so old lol.  That and the bags under my eyes all the time.  This stuff looks like it would really help.

Moms best bets is also giving away a Fisher price kids digital camera!  Finally E could have her own and leave mine alone.  The fingerprints are driving me nuts lol.  This blog has tons of great giveaways and is quickly becoming a fave.


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