Monday, April 19, 2010

J's 1st Birthday!!!

Well as promised I have lots of photos to share.  Poor J was so sick, both kids have a nasty cold that is just hanging on forever.  He slept through some of his party and was miserable for parts of the rest.  Got some good photos though...I really need to fix the ISO on my camera grrrr....

E helping to make the cupcakes the night before the party....
The leaf thing didn't work like I had pictured. The icing was WAY too soft. I made butter cream from scratch :D  They look pretty good though, kind of like grass or a bush. 
The finished product with my toppers from Kanga Crafts on Etsy  love how it looks!
Goodie bags for the kids.  I may have gotten carried away with the candy. I've been known to have a sweet tooth :D.  Tags from Kanga Crafts for that fantastic personal touch!

The birthday boys chair.  With his highchair photo banner.  Photos from the first year. I'm going to keep this as a keepsake.  double duty!  I may even use it again next year with a new one and keep adding to it.  Also from Kanga Crafts

.A closer pic.
The customized photo banner. It says Jake is one, there is a letter on each photo.  Also from Kanga Crafts .
Poor guy was so sick.  He wasn't even interested in the cupcake.  He's taking forever to get accustomed to solids anyhow.  You can tell how miserable he was....a big difference from his sister on her first...
Thanks for looking :D


Julie said...

Poor guy! What a difference between the two kids for their 1st birthdays. I can't believe how fast they're growing! Your cupcakes turned out beautifully! :)

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