Sunday, July 4, 2010

long time no typey.....

I have been so busy! I can't even remember the last time I worked out, or blogged.  I even skipped entering blog giveaways for two weeks :O  I haven't done that since I began last Christmas!  I've been working 15hour days for the past bit and it's been hectic. My poor Hubbs has been taking care of the kids at night by himself because I had to stay out of town.   As tiring as working was, it was a nice break to only have to look after myself.   Get home get dinner, have a drink and crash when I needed to.  I even painted my toe nails lol. 

So yesterday we took E and J to the zoo/safari to make up for some lost time.  It was a BLAST.  The kids loved it. It was a tad on the hot side but the water park totally made up for that and then some.  I can't wait to take them back.  E has a slight obsession with horses.  So when we saw the pony ride we knew she'd love it.  I'm not normally a worrier but with my kids it's a whole other story.... when I realized she was hanging on all by herself with no assistance I about had a heart attack....  I should have taken a picture of my face lol.
My heat was so full!  She's getting so grown up, I am so proud of her.

Some other photos of feeding the animals.
My brother is coming from Alberta to visit next week and we'll have much more of the fun day trips to come! 


*  Cocktails with Mom is giving away a Colby Snapp cam5000.  It's a perfect size to fit in your bag on a trip.  I wish we'd have had one like that for yesterday. We left our digital video camera at home because it was too big to carry easily.  This cam we could have slipped in a pocket so easily and voila!  Check it out. Closes July 12th.


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