Saturday, May 29, 2010

Looks like we skipped Spring!

So the past week has been 30+ degrees!  Scorching!  Poor kids and my poor Mom trying to keep them entertained.  So I bought a blow up pool and a new climb structure to add to the play house and smaller slide we have.  It's  great.  So much to do and the kids love it.  I had no idea they could play so much and so long with one slide!  You've got to love kids for that.  It's like they don't even notice the heat. 

Playing in the yard...


* Before I got pregnant I always used to wear my baby G watch.  With all the swelling I stopped.  BUT I came across the newest version.  The Mini G shock watch.  I am in LOVE with the white with pink face.  I came across it on the blog Guessing all the way  and she's giving one away!  Head over and enter, ends May 30th.


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