Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bring on the vacay!!!!

I SOOOO needed this week off.  I had a week off a couple of weeks ago but the hubbs was working and with the kids it was really just more work that work :D  He's off this week and I'm thrilled.
We have plans to catch up on lots of chores around the house in and out.  I weeded my backyard garden and got FIVE yard waste bags to add to the two from out front!  My garden is huge but that's a project for next spring.  We'll be painting/staining the deck and doing paint touch ups, weeding the lawn and the driveway (annoying).
But best of all we'll be making trips to the splash pad and to a place called ZOOZ in Niagara Falls.
We went to story book gardens with the inlaws.  It was fun, pretty low key. Got some good photos to share :D


* Leslie loves veggies is giving away a soft serve icecream machine from CSN stores.  This thing holds sprinkles...are you kidding me??  Sprinkles!  Wait maybe I shouldn't enter this giveaway.  Oh well I'll let fate decide if I need to do more cardio :D  Ends August 12th and is open to the US and Canada.


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